New Horizons Association. Mission, ideas, successes

From a small festival in Sanok to one of the most important film events in Poland and Europe – this is how far the New Horizons International Film Festival went, initiating development of the Association on the way. Today SNH is much more than just the festival itself. Placing valuable and artistic cinema on the map of Polish culture; pulling it out of the niche and making it a popular topic is one of our greatest successes. We can see it in the number of viewers participating in festivals or watching movies in the New Horizons Cinema run by the Association. We believe that cinematography has the power to change the world and, above all, connect people. Our greatest success is building a community of cinema lovers who constantly surprise with their commitment, knowledge and openness to learn new, often difficult types of film art. In the New Horizons Association, we prove that the love for the cinema has many forms and faces.

We see the cinema as a universal language of dialogue – between different generations, beliefs, sensitivities and cultures. We start the dialogue as early as possible – from educational activities for the youngest, then we continue the conversation during the festivals (New Horizons or American Film Festival) and we invite you to stay with us permanently (joining the community of New Horizons Cinema viewers and watching the films we distribute).

We create a cultural and cinematic alternative to what multiplexes propose. The New Horizons International Film Festival, organized since 2001, is a festival of cinema visionaries and uncompromising artists. As part of the Kids Film Festival (first edition in 2014) we present films for young viewers that are not created by large studios according to carefully calculated business plans. The American Film Festival has been proving that American cinema is far more interesting than what Hollywood suggests for a decade now. In turn, at the New Horizons Cinema (run by SNH since 2012), we create space for numerous discussions and meetings – not only with filmmakers; we are also open to dialogue with the viewers themselves, who can become co-authors of the events we organize.


We are passionate for cinema which inspires, educates, interests and changes the audience.


  • We promote high quality, educational cinema.
  • Our activities are consistent in message and value.
  • We are consistent and courageous in being expressive, which builds our recognition.
  • We are open to changes: we carefully watch trends in cinema and society and react to them.
  • We focus on high quality of our projects, both from the program and organization side.



  • Since 2001, we have been organizing the largest artistic film festival in Poland and one of the largest in Europe – New Horizons International Film Festival. The last edition of the event gathered 120,000 participants.
  • We have been organizing the American Film Festival since 2009 – the only festival in Poland dedicated to independent cinema from the USA.
  • Since 2012, we have been running Wrocław New Horizons Cinema – the largest multiplex with artistic cinema in Poland. Each year, KNH gathers approximately 500,000 viewers.
  • We run an original project New Horizons of Film Education – implemented in 70 Polish cities. The total turnout in the previous school year was 273,000 recipients.
  • We have been organizing the International Kids Film Festival since 2004. 27,000 recipients participated in the last edition of the event.
  • We run prestigious industry events:


a) Polish Days (co-organized by the Polish Film Institute) – a project accompanying the New Horizons International Film Festival, during which representatives of the film industry from around the world get to know the current Polish cinema at every stage of production and participate in presentations of projects in development.

b) US in Progress – a project accompanying the American Film Festival, connecting European sales agents and distributors as well as independent American filmmakers.